Welcome, SWDS Training Academy we are the industry leader in providing quality training that exceeds our automotive clients’ expectations, while remaining their primary resource for people, processes, product innovation and income development. We are committed to providing you superior service and training.

We provide four types of training experiences to meet your needs:

F&I 5-Day Certification Course

By the end of the week, each student will be able to conduct a basic package presentation and handle objections on all of the finance products the dealership has to offer. The package presentation is designed to offer all finance products in an effective and timely manner.

  • Conduct a sales interview with the customer to determine a proper mix of products
  • Present a package (menu) of options based on the customer’s needs
  • Gain agreement and close on acceptable terms
  • Build value and handle objections on all finance products
  • Comply with federal guidelines
  • Disclose documents
  • Understand how lenders view finance deals
  • Understand how credit bureaus operate
  • Manage CITs
  • Gain basic product knowledge
  • Leasing
  • Legal/Compliance

Before attending class, you will need to complete a Self-Certification Vaccination Status form.

Customized In-Dealership Programs

SWDS Training Academy programs can be customized to fit the needs of your organization. We welcome the opportunity to work with your management team to develop customize training that meets your dealership’s particular needs.

  • Analyze the current selling process
  • Discuss pricing options and help management develop a consistent pricing strategy.
  • Analyze and develop a follow-up system for current and future customers.
  • Create a time-effective process to integrate the Sales and Financial Services departments.
  • Develop an efficient finance sales process to maximize profits by presenting all finance products in a value-building and compliant manner (menu sell).
  • Develop Hybrid F&I process
  • Develop a timely and value building delivery process.
  • Develop systems to track each process.

Personalized Interactive Training

Our customized live interactive courses allow us to remotely provide training which facilitates and immediate impact for indiviuals or dealership teams. This platform is also used to follow up with our Training Academy graduates to further advance their skills.

Topics may include:

  • Establish a relationship with the customer (Meet & Greet plus)
  • Discover the customer’s needs, wants, and qualifications for a new vehicle
  • Confirm the customer’s selection or help the customer identify the right vehicle
  • Make a customized product presentation based on the customer’s stated and non-stated buying motives
  • Make a customized product demonstration using the customer’s buying motives to build excitement
  • Gain commitment from the customer (confirm this is the right vehicle)
  • Devalue the customer’s trade-in, if applicable
  • Conduct an effective facility tour
  • Negotiate to acceptable terms

F&I Pathway Program

Relevant and impactful training conducted with 12 sequential webinars via 1hr bi-weekly scheduled webinars. F&I professionals can attend either live or when it accommodates their schedule with our On-Demand library.

  • Need Awareness and Planting Seeds
  • Product and Menu Presentation
  • VSC Objection Handling
  • Appearance Protection Objection Handling
  • Anti-Theft Objection Handling
  • Lender Relations
  • Principles of Selling
  • Virtual Retail Sale F&I Setup
  • Salesperson F&I Setup
  • Fact Finding Using Dialogue
  • F&I Compliance Quiz Part 1
  • F&I Compliance Quiz Part 2