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With offices throughout the United States, SouthWest Dealer Services has points of operation convenient to dealerships across the country. This represents a significant advantage for our clients as it allows us to have a network of relavant industry experience and access. We literally know the pulse of the industry and how to respond because it is within our organization. Our business development/ training specialists are available to provide in-store support when needed, and our exclusively developed porducts and programs set us above the competition.

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  • Jim Click, SWDS client named F&I magazine’s 2007 Dealer of the Year
    F&I Management & Technology

    “He wants to make sure the customer has a great experience and that they receive quality protection for their money. I find that to be unique in the market,” says Will Babin, a trainer with SouthWest Dealer Services, which conducts compliance training for Tuttle-Click. “ He’s one of the dealers that will actually demand 100-percent perfect compliance while also expecting performance.”
    Babin says Click seems to have what every dealer wants: good profitability, compliance, historically low turnover and minimal chargebacks. But there’s a good reason for that, Babin adds. >>>Read Entire F&I Article

  • Century Admin Company reviews new Reinsurance Program with Automotive News
    Vernon Leake, said the Oceanus program offers "cuttingedge advantages over our current reinsurance programs." Southwest sells insurance products to more than 750 U.S. dealerships. >>> Read Entire Automotive News Article

  • 2001 Premier F&I Dealer of the Year award recipient, Dave Conant of Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in Cerritos, CA. explains how F&I is central to the dealership’s success and the important role SouthWest Dealer Services Training plays in training and hiring F&I personnel.

Bohon, C.D., “Norm Reeves Honda Does It Right,” F&I Management and Technology, Feb./March 2001, 22-24.